Snoop Dogg's Radio Show Targeted


Dogg is the target

of a Pasadena California based organization who call themselves

"Day One." The group, which is a non-profit organization

is calling for the end of Snoops's weekly radio show on Power

106. Over 70 people protested his show outside of the radio stations

offices. The show, titled "The Weekly Smoke Out Session"

is being targeted by the group for glorifying drug use. The coalition,

which consists of members of the church, have launched a cease-fire

campaign, to stop the use of weed, alcohol, tobacco and other


The group is offended

at the way Snoop starts the show, by encouraging listeners to

get their Blunts, lighters and bongs. The group called Power management

irresponsible for allowing blatant promotion of drugs over their

airwaves. In one promotion, Snoop played weed related songs, the

listeners wrote them down, and called in. The winning person received

a box of blunts. Vicki Phillips, the director of publicity for

the organization told We aren't trying to attack

the music, or Hip-Hop, we are just out to clean it up."