Snoop Dogg's Show Interrupted


Dogg's sold-out

show at London Ladbroke Grove Subterrania last night was interrupted

by an alleged 'gunshot'. No-one was hurt. The incident happened

thirty five minutes or so into his set, when witnesses heard a

loud bang. A security guard went over and said something to Snoop

and he left the stage for a few minutes then he came back on and

did four more songs. He came back on stage at the end and said:

"I'm offering a thousands pounds for anyone who can fuck

up the motherfucker who fucked up my show." According to

Scotland yard, police were not called and there are no plans at

present to investigate the incident further. A spokesman for Virgin,

Snoop's UK label issued a statement denying that anything had

happened and that the show had actually passed without incident.