Snoop Dogg: Targeted By O'Reilly, Developing New TV Show

Snoop Dogg is the latest rapper to come under

fire from Fox's Bill O'Reilly. On Friday's (September 27) "O'Reilly Factor,"

the host blasted Snoop Dogg, NBC and Jim Henson Productions, the producers of

"A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie," for including the rapper because

of his checkered past.

"What the heck is rapper Snoop Dog doing

in a Muppet Christmas special?" O'Reilly asked. "Should a guy who

has also been in porn films, was recently cleared of a murder charge and has

a past filled with violence, really be appearing in a program designed for little


Snoop, who was cleared of murder charges almost

10 years ago, and has a part in the Christmas special talking with Kermit The

Frog, said he accepted the role because he wanted to do something positive for

the kids. Snoop also revealed to that he was giving up his old

vices. "I said 'Let me stop smoking dope so I can get a better vision of

myself, see who I am and what I mean to the world," What I mean to my kids

and what I mean to life in general'."

O'Reilly said that while he acknowledged that

Snoop has confessed to changing his old ways, it was too late because he had

already corrupted "millions of children."

O'Reilly also blasted Macy's for carrying Snoop

Dogg clothing and a small "civil rights group," Project Islamic HOPE

is calling for a national boycott of Macy's until the department store pulls

the clothing line off the rack.

“We strongly believe that Snoop Dogg's gangsta

rap music has always glorified gang violence, drug use, and misogyny and that

should not be supported," the group's founder, Najee Ali said. "His

recent appearance in Porno videos by Hustler, is immoral. We will not support

a porno star (Snoop Dogg) working on projects that influence children. Any sponsor

that supports the muppets show starring Snoop Dogg will also be targeted. Protests

outside of NBC Studios and Macys will begin next week.”

Interestingly, Snoop appeared on Fox's hit cartoon

series, "King Of The Hill" in February to celebrate the shows 100th

episode. In that episode, which is titled "Ho Yeah," Snoop portrayed

a pimp named Alabaster Jones. Fox's official

website described the episode.

"Hank is horrified when Peggy befriends

Tammi Duvall, the ditzy new employee at Strickland Propane. Peggy invites Tammi

to live with the Hill's while she tutors her for the G.E.D. Hank eventually

warms up to Tammi and even tries to set her up with some of the single guys

on his propane route. Unbeknownst to Hank, Tammi is a prostitute and everyone

in town starts thinking Hank is her pimp. But real trouble ensues when her old

pimp, Alabaster Jones, shows up looking for her on the "Ho' Yeah"

episode of KING OF THE HILL." Fox also deemed this episode acceptable for

ages 14 and older.

In related news, Snoop Dogg recently worked out

with the Raiders last week for a TV show the rapper is developing with MTV.

The show, "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle," which is still in production,

"is me being me, doing what I do, skits, real-life situations," Snoop