Snoop, Kweli Record Track With Famed Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

AllHipHop Staff

The challenge of promoting science and exploration has taken a hip twist for legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The 79-year-old former space explorer has enlisted rapper’s Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy for the video to his new single, "Rocket Experience."

Although he’s not known for his musical skills, Aldrin didn’t think twice about collaborating with Snoop Dogg and fellow rap star Talib Kweli for the song, which deals with the first lunar landing 40 years ago in July.

Aldrin is credited with being one of the first men to walk on the moon as a lunar module pilot on Apollo 11.

The New Jersey-born spaceman’s image on the moon later served as the model for the MTV Video Music Award moonman.

"I'm not too good at carrying a tune, but I do have rhythm," Aldrin told USA Today while revealing the motivation behind "Rocket Experience."

"I want kids interested in space. It's their future." Snoop Dogg echoed Aldrin’s desire to expose youth to space exploration while mentioning how “(Aldrin) pushes kids to achieve their dreams" as his reason for getting in the studio with the astronaut.

"Buzz has got the biggest buzz on the streets right now," Snoop said. "He's got Talib Kweli and (me) in the studio with him, and I only work with the best."

The idea for “Rocket Experience” stemmed from one of Aldrin’s family members, who felt the tune would result in a broad reach for the space and science genre.

The song’s video is a "making of Rocket Experience" spoof that features music icon Quincy Jones riffing about Aldrin's "great groove."

The experience proved to be a memorable one for Aldrin, who had his share of challenges while rapping with Snoop Dogg in the studio.

"Snoop had this great hand language going as he sang, which was hard for me," he admitted. "But when it comes to getting people's attention, comedy goes a long way."

“Rocket Experience” comes amid the release of Aldrin’s new autobiography with Ken Abraham, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home From the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin’s “Rocket Experience” single is available now on iTunes.

Proceeds from sales of the song will go to three charities, including the astronaut’s ShareSpace Foundation.