Snoop, Meth Plucked For Kung-Fu Film

South Korean Kung-Fu Flick "Volcano High" is being re-worked for hip-hop enthusiasts and will include the voices of Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000, and Method Man.

The rappers will replace the local dialect that was featured in the original 2001 version.

The movie centers on a character named Kim Kyung-soo, a new student at Volcano High. Soon after his arrival, he realizes that the school is sharply divided into rival factions of sport teams.

Furthermore, Kyung-soo demonstrates highly skilled martial arts abilities when pitted against the "master," who also happens to be the school librarian.

The movie features the same type of martial arts special effects that are featured in numerous Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies.

R&B divas Kelis and Mya will also lend their voices to the flick, which is slated for a December 21st release date.