Snoop, Nate Dogg and Warren G Finally Release 213

They’re not quite Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, or Jim Brown. Whereas the aforementioned gentlemen came together to fight a white supremacist organization in the 1974 movie, "Three the Hard Way," Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G are joining forces as 213 to assault urban airwaves with their debut, The Hard Way.

The Long Beach trio has finally gotten together to record their highly anticipated, long delayed project, to the delight of TVT Records.

“These three stars coming together, I don’t think there’s been anything like it since Crosby, Still, & Nash,” said Steve Gottlieb, CEO of TVT Records, who signed the group to his label. Gottlieb remarked how unique it was to have a project that featured three artists who not only have talent but also share a relationship. The group is named after the California area code where they grew up together.

Although neither of the three has released an album recently, Nate Dogg boasted the history of their work still makes the collaborative effort worth the wait.

“Over the years we’ve been making good music (individually),” he said. “And now we’ve come together to make good music, which is why it’s anticipated.”

They hope the first single, “Groupy Luv,” will continue their musical legacy.

“It was just a fun record,” Snoop said of the track. “It was one of those records that made us smile over and over.”

Like much of the album the song features vocals from all three members. Despite the Doggfather’s superstar status, he expressed when it came to recording The Hard Way, he, Nate Dogg and Warren G were equal partners.

“It’s something about the studio that takes you back to who you are,” Snoop said. Rappers may think they’re superstars, he added, but once it’s time to work “We all equal.”

In fact, because the group wants to share equal mic time, Warren G will not serve as the producer for the majority of the album. Expect contributions from Battlecat, Hi-Tek, Kanye West and a host of newcomers.

“We can finally make our own call and work how we want to work,” Warren G said of recording the album.

In a few weeks, the group will shoot a video for “Groupy Luv” with director Chris Robinson. After that, according to Nate Dogg, 213 will hit the road. While the group has no official tour dates set at this time, Nate Dogg joked: “How else you gonna get groupie love?”

The Hard Way will be in stores July 20.