Snoop On ‘Brothers’ Appearance, New Album, and Priority Position

AllHipHop Staff

In preparation for his December album release, Snoop Dogg’s media blitz is beginning with an appearance on the new Fox sitcom “Brothers.”

The show debuted on September 25, and stars series producer Michael Strahan.

The retired NFL defensive end plays the same role on the show as Mike Trainor, and is struggling to maintain a civil relationship with his disabled brother (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) after moving back to his Houston hometown.

This Friday (October 9) Snoop debuts as Kenny Trainor, a cousin and lawyer of Mike with questionable business practices.

“I play the role of Kenny Trainor. I’m their cousin that shows up, not supposed to but by accident,” Snoop told “I went to jail once upon a time and came up on some things. I got my literature together, and now I’m a lawyer that represents my cousin Mike who’s a football player trying to get his money back. I’m like the new age Johnnie Cochran, with some pimp moves.”

Next on Snoop’s agenda is cultivating his new position as Creative Chairman of the relaunched Priority Records.

As a label that made its Hip-Hop reputation on the backs of numerous West Coast artists (NWA, MC Eiht, Westside Connection, Ras Kass), Snoop Dogg is focused on “resurrecting” the West in popular music.

“I’ve just been slow motion trying to settle into my position at Priority/EMI. They just made me the president, so what I’m going to do is put that spirit back out here on the West Coast. First thing I’m gonna do is drop my solo record Malice N Wonderland [on] December 8. Then I’m going to grab all those old catalogues and records and put them together to put the spirit back and let people know where we started from. And then find some new talent and build from there. It’s time to make it feel like it used to. It’s all about making good music. Anybody that’s down with Snoop Dogg knows I perfect making good music.”

For this project, the Longbeach veteran plans to take a page from his Murder Was the Case offering, and utilize a full-length movie to accompany the Malice N Wonderland LP.

“One thing about me with my projects is I always have to give you a visual beyond the video because the video can only show you 4 minutes of what I am expressing,” Snoop explained. “I wanted to do a movie so people could really engulf my whole feeling of this record when I was making it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and it’ll give you what you’re missing.”

The first single from the album is “Gangsta Luv,” featuring The Dream. The LP will also feature production from Dr. Dr, The Neptunes, and Tricky platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player