Snoop's All-Stars Ready For Whatever

In the recent past, Snoop Dogg has made his distaste for Suge Knight through songs like “Pimp Slap” and “Death Row Is Bitches”, but never really had the support of his peers.

Until now.

Although he isn't asking for help against Knight, the Doggy Style All-Stars told they fully support their boss' vendetta against The Rows' CEO. The crew consists of E-White, considered a young Snoop himself, gospel singer Uncle Rico, the elder statesman Uncle June Bugg, Sooperfly, the gangsta vet, LaToiya, the sexy songstress and others.

"A family that prays together, stays together. Any house without the good Master [God], don't work. We come together a team." Uncle Rico, Doggy Style's resident gospel crooner said when their issue of beef arises.

On the other side though, views are the same, although expressed differently.

"Yeah, that's how we feel and that's our representative so instead of all of us going out there and [dissing], displaying our feeling, he should be the one, since he is the boss, to say how we feel and make it real direct. We 100% with him and if anybody got a problem with is…" Soopafly, a former Death Row signee said.

"Mutha f**ka bang," newcomer E-White exclaimed with presented with the prospect of clashing with Tha Row.

"…They gotta deal with it," Uncle Rico finishes. "We not taking no wooden nickels, because you can't spend them."

Soopafly said, “A lot of people think Snoop is afraid. I guess silence, through the masses, equals fear. We not one to talk too much about what we gonna do or what is going on. I guess it got to him to a point where he couldn't take it anymore. He's a man and we all men and when he's seen as fearful of any other man, that reflects on all of us. And, that's not the case at all - at all. You don't hear us doing diss records all the time, but when its real talk, we feel we got a lot to say about that situation."

"I was on Death Row stuck. I had to go through bankruptcy to get off Death Row - F**k him," Sooperfly said when referring to Knight.

Mr. Kane (formerly KoKane), who has been in the industry over 10 years, said they he follows Snoop’s lead because the rapper has assumed a boss-like, responsible position.

"I had a chance to be with Eazy-E, Ruthess and I've seen a lot of empires, but out of Master P, Eazy-E, [Snoop] is the coolest, realest person you ever want to be with. There times when we have a little disagreement, but if you family you gonna have that," Kane said.

The other members of the All-Stars said that Snoop has gone through a remarkable transformation.

He's a role model for everybody," Rico said talking of Snoop’s newfound sobriety and commitment to his family and friends.

"The Bible says a wise man will change and a fool never will," Snoop’s Uncle June Bugg said in an uncharacteristic moment of seriousness.