Snoop's Cussing Causes Uproar In UK; Network Apologizes

AllHipHop Staff

British TV channel 4Music has tightened its broadcasting procedures, after an unedited version of Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood reality show aired on the network.

Box Television operates the popular 4Music channel, which airs Snoop’s reality series Father Hood in the United Kingdom.

The show features Snoop, born Calvin Broadus Jr. and his wife Shante, as well as their children Corde (14), Cordell (12) and Cori (9) and cast of other characters.

Father Hood focuses on Snoop Dogg’s domestic life, as opposed to his career as a world famous rap star who has been banned from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Network watchdog Ofcom received hundreds of complaint when an unedited episode aired featuring the chart-topping rapper using the F-word twice during the show.

Ofcom said viewers were very offended by Snoop’s unedited foul language and apologized for the mishap, claiming human error was to blame, as the wrong version was entered into the programming schedule.

4Music aired two apologies for running the unedited version of Father Hood, which Ofcom deemed appropriate, allowing the network to avoid any further penalties.

“Ofcom notes that the broadcast of this language on this occasion occurred as a result of human error,” the organization wrote in its ruling. “While we have concerns about the broadcast of this material, in light of the actions taken by the broadcaster and its good compliance record in this area Ofcom considers this matter resolved.”