Snoop Visits Big Momma

Twenty-nine years ago a toddler named Calvin

Broadus visited his grandmother’s house in South Carolina.

Twenty-nine years later a man named Snoop Dogg

visited his grandmother’s home again, and this time he brought

some friends.

"Oh, I was so glad to see him," said

92-year-old Corine Broadus, Snoop’s grandmother, who Snoop calls Big Momma.

"He came home from California when he was small, maybe 3 or 2. He's a man


Having not visited his Carolina family since

he was a toddler, Snoop took the opportunity to revisit his southern kinfolk

while touring in the Carolinas.

Needing directions to Big Momma’s house,

Snoop asked convenience store workers. Soon after, Big Momma’s house was

besieged with hundreds of respectful fans waiting to get a glimpse of Snoop.

"Then everybody seemed to know he was in

town," his aunt, Earleen Broadus, told the associated press on Sunday.

After a good visit with his grandmother, Snoop

took pictures with police officers and gave out CD’s to the fans that had

gathered outside.

"It's twice he's come to see me. Bless his

heart. Some of his music is all right. But I believe in the church. I told him

he could just leave some parts of that other out. He said, `Oh, Big Momma, nothing

wrong with it. I gotta make a living.' He looked good and healthy," she