Snow tha Product Signs with Atlantic; Talks Other Female Rappers

(AllHipHop News) Texas based and Cali bred femcee Snow tha Product has been making some noise in the industry over the…

(AllHipHop News) Texas based and Cali bred femcee Snow tha Product has been making some noise in the industry over the past year and half and now she has finally found a label home.

Despite rumors that suggested she may sign somewhere else, Snow the Product has officially decided to call Atlantic Records her home.

While she was quiet about the specifics of her deal, Snow says that the situation is all encompassing and will surely allow her to retain her rights to her brands she worked so hard to develop.

"You know I've been in talks with several different labels, but right now I'm feeling like Atlanic definitely is the people that I want to partner up with and I think that with them, I can make sure that my movement is as strong as its ever been," Snow tha Product told

When asked about other rappers that she listened to or that she likes, Snow said that she likes the fact that other female rappers are getting their chance to shine.

"Any female that's out there doing it right, I actually like, from Kreayshawn, to Azalea Banks to Nicki Minaj to all the OG's Missy Elliott, Lauren Hill and all the others that came before me," Snow explained.

Even though many would think that Snow's fanbase is largely female, the Latina rapper describes her fans as a healthy mix of both males and females.

"Its actually a really good mix of both, like thats the good thing about 'Holy Sh*t and 'Drunk Love,' kind of poppin off at the same time, they both like my soft stuff and my hard core stuff, it gets both sides." Snow tha Product told in an exclusive interview. "Like the females feel like I'm finally representing for them and the dudes like me going hardcore because I don't talk about sex and I'm like one of the only chicks that does't use the p-word. Just know that people that like me for my team and my music as opposed to any sexual sh*t."

Snow tha Product makes her debut performance in New York City at a pre-fashion week at the Sound and Style Event hosted by Reebok and hosted by Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia.