‘Snowfall’ Filming Continues Following The Death Of Co-Creator John Singleton

The actor that plays Franklin Saint posts a message about his "big bro."

(AllHipHop News) The crime drama Snowfall debuted on FX in 2017, and the show's third season is set to premiere this summer. Unfortunately, Snowfall co-creator, executive producer, and director John Singleton will not get to see the new episodes.

Singleton died on April 29 after being hospitalized for a stroke two weeks prior. According to Deadline, Snowfall is still in production as the cast and crew mourn the death of the 51-year-old Oscar-nominated filmmaker.

“Everybody is sad but everybody also is moving forward because that’s what John would’ve wanted,” stated Snowfall executive producer Trevor Engelson. He added, "It felt like the actors were hearing what John would’ve said, ‘Use that real-life emotion in your performance.'"

Singleton was said to be a hands-on executive producer who was in the room during writing sessions and on set during filming. He also directed the season one finale ("The Rubicon") and season two finale ("Education").

Snowfall actor, Damson Idris, posted a picture with John Singleton on Twitter. Idris simply tweeted, "I love you big bro." The 27-year-old London native posted a longer message about the director on Instagram.

Idris wrote on IG:

I love my big brother. We would always compete to look the sexiest during photos. We called it the looking off to the distance smolder. Lol. You would always win. You would say never forget where you came from & that as long as your community rocked with you, you would always be good. I’d often say I was proud of you & you’d say “shut yo ass up, how you proud of me when I’m supposed to be proud of yo ass”. You would say I would one day be the greatest. And I believed it, because you said it. I lost my big brother today. The one person in this industry that gave me a shot. The person who is responsible for where I am today in my career & the direction I am going. He touched so many people & his soul purpose was lifting people up to be the best they could be. And I am going to make that my purpose. I am going to continue to respect and cherish your legacy big bro. Damn we never got to make that movie in Nigeria lol. It’s all good though, I’ll make it for us. I love my big bro. The talented. The legendary. The iconic. JOHN MOTHERF**KING SINGLETON.