Soccer Star Wants To Fight Snoop Dogg Because Rapper Clowned His Alcohol Abuse

Paul Gascoigne is pissed at Snoop for making fun of him with a meme about drinking vs. smoking.

(AllHipHop News) British soccer star Paul Gascoigne has challenged Snoop Dogg to a "cannabis vs booze" charity boxing match, as their ongoing feud continues.

The 47-year-old sparked backlash when he shared two side-by-side snaps of the ex England player on Instagram last week - a fresh-faced photograph of him aged 20, and a shocking picture of him at 47 - with the caption: "Alcohol abuse."

In the same post, Snoop - real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. - shared a set of pictures entitled "Marijuana abuse," which showed pictures of the rapper at the same ages, hardly looking any different.

While the former midfielder, 52, labeled Snoop an "ugly t##t" in the aftermath of the post, he has since suggested the pair thrash it out in a charity boxing match.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Monday he said: "To come from Snoop Dogg, I’m a fan of his as well. I can’t believe it.

“I’ll do a charity boxing match with him - cannabis vs booze, bring it on," the star quipped. "I’ll take him in the ring – I’ve been working hard, working out as usual."

Paul went on to admit he was initially offended by the post, but is now trying to see the funny side of the Snoop's comments.

“For him to attack someone like myself, for the trouble I put myself through, for him to do that was really bang out of order," he shared. “I was really upset at the time. I tried to look at the funny side but there wasn’t one to be fair. I was shocked."

"He must have been on something,” he added.

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Typical response from an alcoholic. Just proves Snoops point.


Snoop cant fight but it's cool he ain't the only rapper that cant