Solange Knowles' 2-Year-Old Son Juelz New Spokesman For 'Kid's Rap Radio'

Mathew Knowles' Music World Music has announced the release date for Kid's Rap Radio Vol. 3, the latest in the company's series of Hip-Hop friendly music produced for children ages 2-10.

The new spokesman for the releases is also a child, Knowles' 2-year-old grandson Juelz.

According to Juelz' mother Solange, her young son is already mimicking the rap songs that are being played on television and radio.

"My dad has always been concerned for young kids and the lyrical content in music," Solange said. "I became so excited when he came up with the idea of having my son, Juelz, as the spokesperson for Kid's Rap concerned me to think that by his picking up on the words so easily; he may actually repeat words that are not appropriate for him to say."

MWM will also debut a spanish version of the series on Aug. 7, titled Kid's Rap, Latino.

The all-Spanish version of Kid's Rap features Spanish versions of "Wait (The Whisper Song)," "Go DJ," "Back Then" and others.

"In the wake of the current controversy, I realized more than ever how critical it is to have an option available for the children, so they can enjoy their favorite music in a positive way," Mathew Knowles said. "Music World will continue to provide music that will send a positive message to our youth."

Kid's Rap Radio, Vol. 3 hits stores Oct. 2 and features children's versions of hit records like "Walk It Out" by Unc, "This is Why I'm Hot" by Mims and others.