Solar Accused Of Physically Abusing Guru

(AllHipHop News) Solar's ex-girlfriend and

former 7 Grand Records employee Tasha Denham has lashed out at Solar over

his alleged abusive treatment towards Guru.Denham explained her claims in an extensive interview with"There was one night we were

at Guru's house," Denham said of an altercation between Guru and Solar."I

was about three months pregnant at the time. Guru kept defending

himself. Guru actually stood up and kind of got in Solar's face about

it" Denham stated. "Next thing I know, Solar punched him in the face.

From that point in time, he just started kicking him and hitting him." "Guru was fighting back, he wasn't just sitting there being a punk,

but at the same time, Guru had severe asthma. He didn't have his

inhaler. He started really hyper-ventalating and really having a hard

time, and Solar kept beating him. It wasn't a fight anymore, it was

beating him. I felt that it was so bad that I got in between the two of

them and broke it up, because I knew he wouldn't hit me of course. At

that point in time, I was pregnant with his child....that's probably one

of the first times I was like, 'Wow, this relationship is really

unhealthy. It's a really sick relationship.' After that, if I didn't

physically see it myself...I saw [Guru] punched in the face numerous

times with no provocation. It [would just be] that he'd get upset with

something Guru would say and punch him in the face. I know he knocked a

tooth out of Guru's. I know he gave him a black eye [so Guru would] have

to wear glasses for photo-shoots and concerts."

Additionally, Denham says that Solar stopped Guru from connecting with his loved ones, family members and friends. He allegedly would even take Guru's cell phone from him as well. As previously reported, the family of deceased rapper Guru have announced plans to hold a public memorial in his honor.Guru, born Keith Elam, died of cancer at the age of 48, on April 19th.According to reports, the rapper was cremated shortly after the family came in possession of his body.Plans for a memorial are being planned for July 17th, Guru's birthday,according to Guru's sister, Patricia Elam.According to Patricia, the family is also planning to launch a website that honors Guru's legacy, while posting official information surrounding the emcee.Meanwhile the family continues to criticize Guru's former partner Solar of mishandling the release off information surrounding Guru's health condition.In a recent interview with MTV, Patricia said that Guru's nephew Justin heard about his uncle's health via the Internet, while Guru's nine-year-old son learned of his father's death over the radio, while riding in a car."[My son] Justin found out on the Internet and called me. I had to call my dad," Patricia told MTV News. "[Keith's 9-year-old son] KC found out riding in the car, hearing it on the radio. That's not right if you care about someone. That's not how you treat them. My brother would never have wanted us to find out that way. Never in a million years. Especially his son. Come on, now."Patricia said that the body was released to Solar, who was acting as Guru's healthcare proxy.Patricia labeled the experience a "nightmare" and revealed that Guru's brother had to call various funeral homes in search of the rapper's body."My son Justin was looking online and saw something that the body was going to be cremated," Patricia continued. "My father was calling the hospital looking for the body and they were like, 'We released it to the health-care proxy.' Luckily my other brother happened to be in New York on something unrelated and he started calling funeral homes in the area, if you can imagine. Fortunately the third one he called was the right one. He said, 'Listen, I'm the brother of Keith Elam, do not release that body to anyone but me.' Thankfully he was able to get there in time."