Solar Denies Beating Up Guru, Says Guru Did What He Wanted

(AllHipHop News) Solar, the business partner of Guru, has lashed out at the

accusations that he was mentally controlling and physically abusive to the late

founder of Gang Starr.

Tasha Denham, a woman that has a child with Solar, made

salacious accusations that Guru was punched in the face and beaten by his

former business partner. (Click here for the initial story)

“This is from a groupie that has no knowledge of anything

about me and Guru. It’s unbelievable that they even put her up there. She never

lived with Guru. She never knew Guru,” he retorted in an exclusive interview

with UK’s Conspiracy Radio. “She was a little groupie chick that did a little

work for us here and there. [We] had a little relationship that lasted all of

10 minutes. And she was gone.”

He dismissed the claims as nonsense stating that there were

no official reports or documentation that he was abusive to Guru. “She’s just making up tales. And why

wouldn’t Guru punch me back?”

Solar fully praised the strength that Guru had when he was

alive stating that he wouldn’t go for such actions against him.

“Guru is one of the strongest men [I ever met] in my life.

I’ve seen Guru check quite a few chins. Guru’s nobody’s punk,” Solar said. “Look at Guru…there’s no sugar in his

tank, so to speak.”

Continuing, he said “These are just cowards taking cheap

shots at a man that’s not here anymore and they should be ashamed of

themselves. Guru always stood up for himself. ”

Solar also took time to chastise Guru’s sister, who spoke

out against a letter that was released after the rapper’s death. Patricia Elam,

Guru’s elder sibling, admitted in an interview with MTV that she was never

comfortable with Solar.

"I don't know what the influence was," she said.

"I don't know if it was drugs, brainwashing, whatever. I don't know if it

was blackmail. For whatever reason, my brother decided to trust him with his

life, and we see where that ended up. It's an American tragedy, as far as I'm


Solar responded aggressively to the notion, saying that Guru

wasn’t close to his sister as far as he knew.

“The crazies are talking now. Trish (Patricia Elam, Guru’s

older sister) is speaking when Trish and Guru haven’t spoken, haven’t seen each

other in I don’t know how long. These are two people that did not get along.”

Solar also stated that Guru’s sickness caused him to become

closer to his father, who is a former judge in Boston. Solar says he became

“like another son” to Guru’s father.

“I’ve been to their house, I’ve been to their home to eat.

They’ve been to my home to eat. These are out and out lies aimed at me, but its

putting Guru is the wrong light. They are attacking me, but what are they

saying about Guru? This is a man that can’t handle himself? I’m not that kind

of person to do that. Even if I was, Guru would be obligated to not do that.”

He said that Guru was a free thinker that did what he wanted

as a man.

“In attacking me, you are attacking Guru, because you are

saying he couldn’t think for himself,” Solar said.