Solar Denies Stopping Guru’s Family From Seeing Rapper

(AllHipHop News) Solar, partner of Guru, has issued a new statement that addresses the allegations that he has prevented the GangStarr founding member from seeing his family members.

“I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for The Elam family. But I have not stopped anybody from seeing him,” Solar said. “Guru's brother, sister and niece has visited with him and his brother was here for three days. I am in touch with them on a daily basis.”

Solar also stressed that Guru has requested privacy with this health matters, a demand that may include family members.

“Guru's family dynamic and who he wants to look out for his interests is Guru's business and best left to Guru to discuss. I will state that Guru wanted this matter to be kept private to protect his loved ones and fans from this ordeal and from it becoming a circus, which it is becoming,” he continued. “Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable.”

Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff, who claims to be Guru’s nephew, said that he and other family members were prevented from seeing the rapper.

“My family has no way of knowing what is going on with Guru’s situation,” Ruff stated. “Solar has complete control over the flow of information given from the hospital, and will not disclose any information with us. The doctors and staff won’t discuss any information with Guru’s family.”

Solar reiterated that his only concern was to make sure Guru would return to normalcy after suffering a major heart attack in February.

“The hospital records will show that Guru's Brother, sister and Niece visited him last week, Fact !” Solar said. “Guru's well-being and need to heal is what I am concerned with, and that Guru's wishes in this matter be observed,” he said.