Solar's Twitter/Email Hacked, Private Documents Hit the Web

(AllHipHop News) The email and Twitter accounts of Solar were hacked and a number of documents were leaked on the Internet today (May 9th). Unknown individuals Twittered from Solar’s account (Solar_7Grand) account tonight, as well as from an account registered to late rapper Keith “Guru“ Elam (GuruGangStarr). Throughout the evening, the intruder released a series of emails sent to or from Solar, including the controversial statement allegedly made by Guru, while he was dying of cancer. “Remember that I am doing this for Guru. We all deserve the truth,” the hacker Twittered. “I’ve posted these e-mails for you, now let me know what you think of them. Should I post more? Should I stop? Am I smooth? Elaborate! I’ve got around 800 mails lol, so it will take a while…”The unknown individual has been Tweeting from Solar’s account since May 7th. Tonight, the individual released a number of sensitive emails from Solar’s account. The hacker released nude pictures of women addressed to Solar, royalty statements made out to 7 Grand Records, which Solar co-owned with Guru, in addition to a tour rider.The individual(s) even held a Q&A session using Solar's account and joked: "I would love to pay 500 bucks to see Solar pressing F5 every 5 seconds on his twitter right now."Since "Guru’s death on April 19th, Solar, his partner in 7 Grand Records, has been under intense scrutiny for the dissemination of information, as well as his handling of the legendary rapper’s death as his health care proxy. A number of supporters of Guru have publicly questioned his relationship with Solar, including Gang Starr member DJ Premier, the Elam family, trumpeter Nick “Brownman” Alian and Solar’s ex-girlfriend Tasha Denham. A website dedicated to “exposing” Solar, www.f** also popped up last week and has been releasing information about Guru and Solar’s business and personal relationships. Solar released a statement last week denying recent allegations by DJ Premier, who claimed that Guru was left unkempt in his final days on earth. “My people and I would never tolerate any mistreatment of Guru in any way, shape, or form,” Solar said. “Did DJ Premier complain to the hospital authorities about what he claims he saw?! If so who were the hospital authority? [sic] What was their response?"