Solar To Clear His Name; Rappers Nephew Chastised For Statements

(AllHipHop News) Producer Solar is planning to clear his name in regards to allegations that he was allegedly preventing family members from seeing Guru, after the legendary emcee suffered a heart attack in February. Guru and Solar are planning to release official documents that will confirm and verify his statements regarding Guru’s health. The pair said the documents will refute allegations by Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff., who released video statements in March, claiming that Solar was blocking family members’ access to the rapper. Guru’s son is also in the crosshairs. According to reps for Guru, he and his nephew Justin Elam are not that close and that Justin was “using Guru’s name to advance his selfish needs and has no right to use the brand Guru or Gangstarr in any way, shape or form, on YouTube or anywhere else.”"It is more than obvious that certain disgruntled people from Guru's past are trying to use this tragic situation to settle a score with Guru and myself for whatever reason which is shameful," Solar told in a statement. Meanwhile, Guru continues to recover. Recent MRI test results have been encouraging, reps for the rapper told