Soldier Kidd Denies Killing XXXTentacion Drops Video With Guns & Man In Red Mask

A new video from Palm Beach rapper Soldier Kidd should raise some eyebrows.

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today, rapper Soldier Kidd denied involvement in XXXTentacion's murder.

Police are looking for two suspects who shot the rapper in front of Riva Motorsports in Broward County.

Investigators believe two men attempted to rob XXXTentacion and shot and killed him in the process.

Police have no suspects, but multiple witnesses claimed two men in purple hoodies, one wearing a red mask, shot the rapper.

The Broward County Sheriff's Twitter feeds have been flooded with allegations that Soldier Kidd was involved in the killing.

While Soldier Kidd and his associates Soldier Jojo denied any involvement in the killing, a new music video released today should gain the rapper some negative attention.

In his new video "Better Be," Soldier Kidd and multiple associates are seen wearing red masks, and pointing guns at the camera.

The video doesn't mean Soldier Kidd is guilty, but police will most likely be scrutinizing the video in light of the masks, as well as his proximity to the dealership at the time of the shooting.

Take a look at "Better Be" which is taken from his mixtape ironically titled "XXX."

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