Son Of Kurtis Blow Recording Album

Rap legend Kurtis Blow is grooming his son, Kurtis Blow Jr., for a career in hip-hop."He's recording now, we're working with his flow and his delivery," Kurtis Blow told "I'm showing him the ropes on the live tip, taking him to a lot of shows and doing the research."Kurtis Blow Jr. is still working on his professional name. He's kicking around several monikers, including KBJ and Young Kurt.Hip-hop historians will note that there was already a "Son of Kurtis Blow." Run from Run-DMC, used the name when he was a DJ for the pioneering rapper.Blow said his 18-year-old son knows his father's legendary status in hip-hop history and takes the art of rhyming serious."He's really a real emcee. He writes his own stuff, he studies, he's incredible," Blow continued. "He's really, really deep into it and he wants to be this emcee, it's not me trying to push him."Blow said that because his son is so academically gifted in school, he would prefer him to be a scientist or doctor, but would support any career choice his son makes."He has the passion and the love for it, so that's a good thing," Blow said.Blow explained that he introduced his son to numerous pioneers, all of whom the younger Blow has immense respect for."When he meets people like Kool Herc, Hollywood, Flash and Bambaataa, he has somuch respect for them and he's telling them, 'look my dad told me all about you, I've done all the research, I've seen all the film footageand you deserve all the respect that you get,'" Blow said. "To see my son give respect to my peers, and elders, wow that's a trip, that's anunbelievable situation right there. I get so much joy out of that."Blow, who is currently working on a documentary titled "The History of Rap," said that his son's album would be completed by April.