Sony/BMG Settle Lawsuit Over Lil Flip's Hit 'Game Over'

Namco and Sony BMG

Music have settled a lawsuit that charged Houston, Texas based rapper Lil’

Flip with using sounds from the classic videogame Pac Man without permission.

Namco filed a $10 million lawsuit against Sony BMG in September

of 2004, claiming that Lil’ Flip’s hit song “Game Over”

violated Namco’s intellectual property rights.

In a lawsuit filed in US District Court, Southern District of

New York, Namco claimed sounds from Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man were used in the

hit song “Game Over.”

The lawsuit stated that the song was never cleared and Namco

objected to gun references drugs and profanity contained in the song.

“Game Over”

was a major hit for Lil’ Flip and helped propel his double CD U Gotta

Feel Me to platinum status.