Sony, LV Settle Over Rap & R&B Logo Infringement

Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Louis Vuitton Malletier have come to a settlement agreement in an ongoing court battle over the use of the luxury fashion brand’s intellectual property.

In the last five years, Louis Vuitton filed similar lawsuits against Sony BMG and its labels, accusing Sony of trademark counterfeiting and infringement, unfair competition, injury to business reputation and false and deceptive business practices, for using Louis Vuitton’s Toile Monogram – the famous LV logo – and Multicolore trademarks – which includes it’s “Cherry Blossom” design.

The previous cases concerned the sale and offer for sale of DVDs, video clips and CDs by Sony recording artists Da Brat and Ruben Studdard, as well as a video clip on a CD by Britney Spears.

Both artist’s projects included the use of LV intellectual property, which lead the company to seek an injunction and damages.

In settling the case, Sony BMG has agreed to “cease the importation, distribution, offer for sale, shipment and/or manufacture of or otherwise trafficking” the American Idol winner’s album, or any other items using Louis Vuitton’s trademarked and copyrighted property.

Sony also promised to educate its various labels about Louis Vuitton intellectual property, so as to avoid such issues in the future.