Sorry Scrubs: Mary J. Blige Says Her New Man Has To Have Lots Of Money

The singer is after a man with loot after her very public divorce.

(AllHipHop News) Mary J. Blige is looking for a man who is more financially secure than her because she doesn't want to have to take care of another partner.

Mary separated from her former music manager Kendu Issacs in July 2016 after nearly 13 years of marriage.

Blige and Isaacs had been feuding over finances after she filed for divorce, and the singer was previously ordered to pay her ex-husband $30,000 -a month in temporary spousal support in 2017.

Isaacs had been trying to get the figure bumped up to $65,000, claiming he was close to becoming "destitute" after failing to find work after the couple's separation.

The pair reached a confidential settlement in March 2018, putting the nasty court battle to rest.

Mary is now enjoying her single life, but when she starts dating again, she wants a man who has plenty of cash in the bank.

"He has to have more money than me, that's for sure," she told Britain's BBC Radio 1Xtra show. "Because I'm not taking care of any more men!"

For now, Blige is focusing on herself and her freedom, admitting she will be more cautious when it comes to her next relationship.

"I'm not jaded, but I'm very careful right now," she says. "I'm having a ball. I'm having so much fun. I'm free. Free in my mind. Free in my spirit. Free to be me, to do me and just enjoy my life and have people enjoy it with me."

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She has the right to ask if the guy has his own money

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Milwaukee crew

Mary j blige without makeup on OMG!