Soulja Boy, Ice-T Feud Officially Over

Over the past few months, teen sensation Soulja Boy had been embroiled in verbal spats with veteran MC’s the GZA and Ice-T.

However, the young rapper found unlikely support in two superstars: 50 Cent and Kanye West.

“Basically comments were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself,” Soulja Boy explained to “The GZA had said something about me one time and 50 jumped in it. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It’s the new Hip-Hop sticking together and I love it.”

“Look how many people came out with records last year: ‘Party Like a Rockstar,’ ‘A Bay Bay,’ ‘Wipe Me Down,’” Soulja Boy reasoned. “He (Ice-T) chose me because out of all those records mine was the biggest one. And [it was] not just the record but me individually.”

After the disrespectful remarks made by both sides on each other’s musical contributions to Hip-Hop, which are significant, Soulja Boy also welcomes closure to the unnecessary animosity.

“It’s over with for me,” Soulja Boy stated emphatically.

Last month Ice-T also officially ended the feud on his part.