Soulja Boy's House Reportedly Burglarized While The Rapper Is Locked Up

The suspects apparently went live on the rhymer's social media following the robbery.

(AllHipHop News) DeAndre Cortez Way (aka Soulja Boy) is currently behind bars for allegedly violating his probation. While the "Crank That" rapper is dealing with jail, his Agoura Hills, California home was reportedly burglarized on Monday.

According to TMZ, burglars got away with $500,000 worth of jewelry, $100,000 in cash from a safe, and a cell phone. The suspects apparently used the phone to brag about the theft and mock Soulja on his own Instagram Live. 

In another unbelievable move, the culprits in the IG video supposedly told Soulja Boy's famous friends they were his new artists in the attempt to get the celebrities to post their videos on IG and to secure features. The men could be seen interacting with Big Draco's followers during the Live.

This is not the first time Soulja Boy has been the victim of a home invasion. In 2017, someone supposedly got away with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry from a Hollywood Hills residence. He also infamously recalled having a shoot out with want-to-be robbers inside an Atlanta house.

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I said years ago this nigga headed for jail either way, just to ignorant and its a shame