Soulja Boy Says He's Launching His Own Gaming Console

Big Soulja wants a piece of the video gaming industry.

(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy is the latest rap star planning to make a big push into gaming.

After last month's news Drake had acquired an interest in the gaming company 100 Thieves, Soulja is attempting to stake his claim in the biz as well.

Soulja is launching his own gaming console, in hopes of taking some market share from the XBox, Playstation and other popular companies.

Big Soulja was playing a game of Fortnite when he unveiled his new console.

"I'm giving away my new console, that's right I'm coming out with own video game console," Soulja revealed, adding that he was also working on his own video game.

Judging by a post on his Instagram, it looks like Soulja is working with a company called NZXT, which bills itself as a leading manufacturer for PC accessories.

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Shall we able to run WWE 2K18 game on this new Game console ?? Excited for this update though. Excited to run my WWE 2K18 game on it. FIngers Crossed.