Soulja Boy Set To Release New Album; Animated Series

Music may be a priority with Soulja Boy Tell’Em, but the rap star is adding to his entertainment achievements with various ventures.

Soulja Boy Tell’Em is preparing for the release of his forthcoming second album iSouljaboytellem, which follows the rapper’s best-selling 2007 debut project

The new album will include production from Mr. Collipark, Polow Da Don and Soulja Boy Tell’Em himself.

Although his sophomore album will come one year after his first album, the rapper admits to being “more than ready” to unveil a new offering.

“I know my fans are ready too,” said Soulja Boy Tell’em, who alluded to his current business dealings. ”I have so much more in store this time around with a shoe and clothing deal, an animated series and some special surprises I can’t talk about yet.”

The new business ventures are among a series of non-music related projects for the rapper, who has amassed more than 5.3 million ringtone downloads, 300,000,000 YouTube views and 38,000,000 views for the video to his Grammy-nominated hit single “Crank That (Soulja Boy).”

With his success, Soulja Boy Tell’em signed a major deal with Yums Shoes to personally design his own sneakers under the company’s Block Star line.

The first line of sneakers, which debut in November, will feature colorful graffiti art emblazoned on the soles of each sneaker.

November will also see the official launch of the Soulja Boy Tell’Em-created animated series on the entertainer’s website,

With his influence spreading beyond the microphone and a new album arriving in stores, Soulja Boy Tell’Em is confident his presence will be felt for months to come.

“I’m going to continue to keep up the momentum through 2009, so plan on seeing me all over the internet on your favorite websites and blogs with my new videos and updates on where I’m at and what I am doing,” the rapper stated. “You are not going to be able to get away from Soulja Boy Tell’em.”

Soulja Boy Tell’Em’s iSouljaboytellem is slated to hit stores Dec. 16.