Soulja Boy Slams Kanye West & 6ix9ine For Trolling, Claims Drake Copied His Flow

Big Draco let the shots fly during 'The Breakfast Club' interview.

(AllHipHop News) Say what you want about Soulja Boy, but the rapper/producer/reality show star knows how to keep his name in the headlines. Mr. "Crank That" is once again making noise online following his proclamation that he was the Hip Hop artist with the best comeback in 2018, not Tyga.

Soulja continued his cocky claims during a sit down with The Breakfast Club. Big Draco (born DeAndre Cortez Way) had plenty to say about Kanye West, 6ix9ine, and Drake while speaking with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God.

On Kanye:

N*ggas talking about Kanye. N*gga, I'm that nigga. Kanye came in here talking about, "I'm Walt Disney"... N*gga, you ain't none of that. Then why you ain't come out with sh*t then. I came out with a whole video game console. I'm the first rapper to do that in history. You ain't Walt Disney. You ain't none of that. You kiss them folks' ass at Louis Vuitton and you kissed them folks' ass at Adidas, and you came out with two pairs of goofy ass tennis shoes... them crackers. That ain't enough. I'm younger than you. I'm flyer than you. You crying on Twitter every week about Drake. You gotta stop that sh*t. You look lame. You look cap. Real street n*ggas, young kids like me, and the generation looking at you like you goofy. You up here supporting Trump and sh*t. You supporting Trump? What the f*ck wrong with you? That sh*t not right. I done sat back long enough. I'm not holding my tongue no more. Kanye, call me. Get in tune with me 'cause if not, I'm gonna keep checking you. You need to stop supporting Trump. That's cap. That's not right. My folks went through too much sh*t for you to be out here doing this goofy sh*t... You gotta put on for the black community. You too famous, your voice too big. Don't do that sh*t... You out here trolling, doing songs with 6ix9ine. Y'all getting shot at. That's why, 'cause you doing all this goofy sh*t... You none of that sh*t you claim to be until you show me. Only thing you did was come up with a pair of tennis shoes and them sh*ts ugly and they cost too much... All that Yeezy clothes, that sh*t ugly.

On 6ix9ine:

6ix9ine is nothing but a Soulja Boy child. He got all that sh*t from me when I was beefing with Chris Brown, Migos, Shia LaBeouf, and everybody in the industry. 6ix9ine just came out and did the same thing I did. Now he sitting in jail looking crazy... I thought he knew what he was doing. I'm gonna leave it at that. I ain't gonna speak too much on him because it's delicate, so free 6ix9ine. I would never wish on no man to go to jail... At the same time, I'm not impressed because all you did was what I did, but you ain't even do it right 'cause you in jail right now.

On Drake:

Drake?! Drake?! The n*gga that got bodied by Pusha T. The n*gga that's hiding his kid from the world, but the world won't hide from the kid. Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? Drake?! Y'all n*ggas better stop playing with me in here. Y'all talking about the light-skinned n*gga from "Degenerous"? Stop playing with me like I didn't teach Drake everything he know. You didn't hear Drake on his first song - [singing] "Tell me what's really going on. Drizzy Drake back in this thing. I'm ready. What's happenin'?" That's Soulja! That's my bar! He copied my whole fucking flow! Word-for-word! Bar-for-bar! Don't act like I didn't make Drake. N*gga, don't do that. I will son n*ggas in a heartbeat. Drake? Aubrey? The n*gga who I made "N*gga We Made It' with in 2014?


Soulja Boy posted an Instagram clip of his lyrics on "What's Hannenin'" from 2007 versus Drake's lyrics on "Miss Me" in 2010. He wrote in the caption, "Case closed. Drake been stealing my drip for years‼️🤷🏾‍♂️"