Soulja Slim's Brother Refutes Negative Media Reports

Soulja Slim's brother

has come forward to counter media allegations that his life mirrored his raps,

which sometimes spoke of the darker side of life on the streets.

Magnolia $crilla,

Slim's 23-year-old younger brother, said that Slim was a caring individual who

was active in the community and always willing to help a person in need. An

unknown gunman took the rapper's life Wednesday (November 26) in New Orleans.

"Slim taught

me a lot about life," Magnolia $crilla told "Slim dropped

out of high school in the 9th grade but he made something of his life. He paid

for me to go to college and get my education. Education was very important to

him. If he saw you needed a bill paid, he would pay it. He was respected like

Pac down here."

And like Pac, Slim

was a community activist, who had started an organization, the Young Black Lyons.

"It was like

the Black Panthers," $crilla revealed. "He had the school system involved.

The goal was to educate young black youth in society. In so many ways, they

still treat us like n*ggas. Kids don't understand why Bush bombed, they think

it was because of Bin-Laden. They don't understand the real motivations and

that's one of the things Slim was doing. Talking to the kids."

$crilla, who is

signed to Yukmouth's Smoke-A-Lot Records, said that Slim had just finished a

double album with B.G., Never Seen It Coming.

$crilla said he

expected the media to focus on his brother's lyrics and ignore the positive

aspects of his life. They even recorded a song about the media before Slim was


"The song talks about how we do the right thing and the media and everyone

else keeps f*cking with us. Even when your off parole, the cops, the media,

everyone treats you like you are a criminal still under paper. We talk about

all that on the song."

$crilla said that

Slim's family was still greiving, but that Slim would prefer them to continue

on with their lives.

"That's just

how he was," $crilla said. "He wouldn't want anyone sitting around

crying. I am probably taking it better than anyone else. I called his phone

the other day when I found out I was going to Germany with Yuk for Christmas

and left him a message. I forgot he was gone."