SOUND CLASH: The Battle Of The Headphones

The entertainment industry thrives off sound and the quality of it. Lately, several artists and executives have taken their love for exceptional clarity and output and plugged into the headphones industry. After all, these individuals are in constant contact with sound. They know how to get it right, and they want the everyday consume to be able to distinguish the difference between mediocre and exceptional. Now, brands are budding, and everyone from athletes to other recognizable celebrities is endorsing their favorite beat keepers.

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There are a few on the market by some known names, from Street By 50, Beats By Dre, Chambers By RZA, and Soul By Ludacris. Here is a review and comparison done on all of them - check it out.

Cullen Jones

Recently, during the Olympics, it became even more evident that the stars are adorning their ears with in-demand headphones. Even with some of the logos covered, headphones still made a grand appearance. Beats By Dre was very present, along with Soul By Ludacris. Cullen Jones, Britain’s Jack Butland, and many other British athletes were clear fans of Beats By Dre during the games.

Usain Bolt was even seen sporting Soul By Ludacris headphones, decked out in the Jamaican flag colors and his signature move. Outside of the Olympics, Tim Tebow is one of the new faces of Soul, and Baltimore Raven Ray Rice proudly supports Beats.

Beats Olympics

Music and sports are intertwined. Motivation from athletes usually comes from their favorite tunes. Now the two have struck another chord. Branding is taking on a new form - and sound. Now it's not just about what you listen to, but how you go about doing it.

So, what headphones are you sounding off with?

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