Soundtrack To Dolemite Reissued On CD

The soundtrack

to the cult classic film Dolemite is being reissued by Relapse Records

for the first time on CD.


for Relapse told that the reissue will contain rare and exclusive

bonus tracks, radio ads from the film and the sequel, a 28-page-booklet written

by Moore's biographer Mark Jason, and never before seen photos.

Rudy May Moore

conceived the smooth street character Dolemite in the mid-1960's after

hearing a panhandler tell a story about "Dolemite," a mythical black

hero with super strength who could kill women with the power of his love-making.

Moore released

several albums under the moniker Dolemite, but the albums were so raunchy

that they were regularly banned from record stores. Moore issued his self-financed

debut Eat Out More Often in 1970 under his own name.

In 1975, he shot

the low-budget spoof Dolemite in Los Angeles and followed with the films

The Human Tornado (1976) and The Devil's Son-In-Law (1977).

Images from the

movie have since been incorporated into various Hip-Hop videos, and the character

has had an influence on scores of rappers, including Ice-T, Ol' Dirty Bastard

and Snoop Dogg, who featured Moore as Dolemite in his 1994 video for "Doggy

Dogg World," from Snoop's breakthrough album Doggystyle.


Rudy Ray Moore, there would be no Snoop Dogg, and that's for real," Snoop

Dogg said of the pioneer, while fellow West coaster Ice T added: "Dolemite

is really the flyest man of all time in film history. People just don't know.

He shaped a lot of Black men including myself with his strength and his ability

just to show us how we are."

In 2001, it was

announced that rapper LL Cool J would star in a remake of Dolemite for

Dimension Films.

The soundtrack

to Dolemite hits stores June 27 in the United States and July 3 internationally.