Source Release French Version; Readies Award Show

The Source magazine has revealed that they intend to expand their 15-year media empire with the introduction of a French version, which they are hoping to release in the near future.

“The debut of the French edition is further proof that The Source brand name is accepted worldwide as the leading authority on what is going on in the world of hip-hop. This is just the beginning,” COO Jeremy Miller told

While the company is rapidly working on the new version of the successful mag, they haven’t disclosed exactly when it would hit newsstands in France.

Meanwhile the Source Enterprises is gearing up for the 6th Annual Source awards, which are held in Miami from Oct 10-13. Under the mantra “Our culture, our music, our time to shine,” the event will have a number of surrounding activities to compliment the show.

Kelli Skeen, the manager of finance & operations for the company, said they intend to take the business to higher levels in the upcoming months with several ventures. “We still capture the essence of the streets. People still check to see how we rate an album-even with The Source Awards. A lot of artists feel receiving that makes them feel official. It means that their people, culture and the streets love them…”

Skeen is responsible for the financial aspect of The Source Awards, The Radio

Network and The Source Clothing Line, which will be in department stores this fall.