Sources: $300,000 Hit Was On Soulja Slim, Man Arrested

New Orleans police have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the murder of rapper James "Soulja Slim" Tapp.Garelle Smith, 22, was booked with first degree murder relating to the November slaying of Tapp, who was shot multiple times in the face and chest in front of his grandmother's house on November 26.Sources told that a hit was taken out on the rapper, which led to his shooting death."I don't know who, but there was a $300,000 hit out on Slim," sources said under the condition of anonymity. "Whenever you find someone that fell out with Slim, they done something fake or got gangsta with him, this is why people didn't like him. He done pulled your card or something. Any fight wasn't started by Slim, but we would finish them, so that's that. But Slim was more laid back, even though he was a G in the game."The nature of the alleged hit was not revealed and at press time authorities have yet to reveal a motive for Tapp’s slaying."In all his music, he tells you what he's about," the source continued. "Whatever he said he did, he did. He's known for nothing but that real."