Sources: Gun Man Lived In House Owned By Jam Master Jay, Weapon May Have Been Stolen From House


have revealed to that Ronald "Tinard" Washington, the

man accused of being one gun man/lookout in the murder of Jason "Jam Master

Jay" Mizell, lived in a house owned by the DJ in the weeks prior to his slaying.


to sources, Washington lived in a Hollis home owned by Jam Master Jay, shortly

before the pioneering DJ was gunned down. "Jay

knew these guys since he was a kid," a source told "We

all knew Tinard's history, he was in and out of jail. He f**kin shot his own cousin

and paralyzed him and put him in a wheel chair. We go in and out of town, and

Jay's cousin got Tinard living in Jay's f**cking crib. The crib Jay's father left

for him. He got Tinard living there. Jay wasn't pleased and said 'he gotta come

up outta there.'"Washington

was recently convicted for a series of robberies, which were committed shortly

after Jam Master Jay's slaying.He

was later implicated in both murders by an ex-girlfriend, who claims the 43-year-old

career criminal admitted to the 1995 murder of Randy "Stretch" Walker,

as well as the 2002 slaying of Jam Master Jay."Tinard

went on the robbery spree because he was homeless," another source revealed.

"The same night Jam Master Jay was shot and killed, all of his belongings

were thrown out onto the street. He didn't have anywhere or anything, so he went

on a robbing spree."The

house in question is Jay's boyhood home, located in Hollis, Queens. Jam

Master Jay actually lived a short distance from this residence and his Hollis,

Queens studio, 24/7. In

a bombshell revelation, the source also revealed that the other trigger man is

from Hollis. "They

all know Tinard and whoever that shot Jay because he lived in that house,"

the source told, adding that the gun used to commit the murder of

Jam Master Jay may have been stolen from that house.Jam

Master Jay was shot and killed on Oct. 30, 2002. His killer remains at large.The

family of Jam Master Jay recently released a statement surrounding the new information.


nearly five years, we have been patient, prayerful and diligent in our support

of investigators' efforts to uncover the facts of Jason's murder," Jam Master

Jay's family said in a statement. "We're relieved there's some information

coming out, although we understand that it's not the full story. It's been a very

frustrating time for us as we wait for the truth to surface. We appreciate the

efforts being made to get to the bottom of the story and ask for the continued

love and support of all those who demand, as as we have, that whomever was involved

be brought to justice."