Sources: Jam Master Jay's Killer On Tape

Contrary to published reports, sources told

that Jam Master Jay's murder was caught on tape by recording studio camera's

and that the police confiscated the video.

Sources said that camera's from a seminar that

was taking place in another part of the building may have also captured a picture

of the murderer. Initial reports suggested that the recording studio's cameras

were turned off, but according to sources only a portion of the tape was not

recorded. That portion would have shown how the murderers entered the building.

Reports claimed that the murderers were buzzed

up, but sources stated that they entered the recording studio through a cracked


Earlier this week, television host Bill O'Reilly

speculated that Jay's death was somehow tied to the narcotics trade, which has

definitely been dismissed. Authorities have also dismissed the slaying as the

result of a feud between other rappers and rumors of 50 Cent being a target.

Authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for

the capture of Jam Master Jay's killers.