Sources: Lydia Allen Cooperating With Authorities On JMJ Case

According to sources, Lydia High is in protective custody and is cooperating with the New York Police in relation to the murder of Jam Master Jay.

The NYPD did not confirm whether she was under their care at press time, but sources stated that High and Urieco "Pretty Tony" Rincon, both wanted for questioning

in regard to the murder of the DJ, are revealing to authorities what they know about the night Jam Master Jay was gunned down in his Hollis, Queens recording studio.

Earlier in August, another suspect in the case wanted for questioning, Tinard Washington, began cooperating with authorities.

Washington claimed that he witnessed a former record promoter and his son enter the recording studio and heard gunshots shortly afterwards.

Those men allegedly hail from the same area of Hollis as Jay. The men are only known as "Big D." and his son, known only as "Noyd" at press time.

"They picked up Noyd this weekend," sources told "He's a suspect in the shooting of Jay's nephew Boe a few months ago as well, but that shooting incident had nothing to do with Jay," the source said under the condition of anonymity. "That was just over some petty street sh*t."

"We weren't aware that High was in protective custody," a spokesman for High's lawyer, Eric Vaughn Flam said. "But, we do not represent her in any criminal matters. She may have different lawyers for that."

High and Rincon were present the night Jam Master Jay was murdered along with Michael Bonds, Randy Allen and an unidentified female singer.

Initial reports suggested that High buzzed the killer in, a claim that High denied in a statement released to in May.

"I adamantly deny and challenge any statement that places me as the person who buzzed in the murder or murderers of Jason Mizell," High said.

High and her brother, Randy Allen, have been at the center of the controversy surrounding Jay's murder, due to what officials have deemed their lack of cooperation.

In June, investigators launched a probe into Randy Allen's possible involvement in the murder because they weren't helpful in the investigation, despite an admitted closeness to JMJ.