Sources Reportedly Close To Kanye West Claim He's Not Taking His Medication

The Calabasas resident says he went through a "breakthrough," not a "breakdown."

(AllHipHop News) There is a lot of speculation about what is driving Kanye West's recent behavior on Twitter and in interviews. With West's controversial "slavery was a choice" comment still sparking negative reactions, TMZ reports sources close to the artist are claiming his mental condition is causing some of the outbursts.

According to the gossip website, Kanye is no longer taking his doctor-ordered medication properly. The Life Of Pablo album creator was supposedly prescribed three pills a day but he's only taking them once or twice a week.

During his nearly two-hour interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Kanye talked about his mental health saying he's now "in a stronger place," and he admitted to being on meds. Ye also told the media personality that being in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation in 2016 stifled his confidence and made him experience "forced humility."

Additionally, the CTG sit down included Kanye saying he experienced a "breakthrough," not a "breakdown," and he was happy it happened. When asked if he goes to therapy, the 40-year-old entertainer said he only speaks to people in his life as a way of achieving personal advice and mental healing.

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It's the psych meds and their withdrawal that is causing the problem. More wasted talented thanks to ignorant doctors. This is when his real trouble "mental heath" trouble began, when he trusted and was treated by psychiatrists. Very sad. I hope he finds his way out of this. Most don't.


I hope dude gets help though..