South Central Receives Name Change

The most notorious section of Los Angeles, "South-Central,"

was renamed "South Los Angeles" last week to promote a change of attitude

and perception

L.A. City Council members voted unanimously to

replace the term "South-Central Los Angeles" with "South Los

Angeles" on all city signs and documents, a move that received mixed reviews

throughout the city.

Television stations and newspaper publications

in the area will also eliminate the use of "South-Central" in all

news reports.

"Changing the name doesn't change the circumstances,"

Councilman Nate Holden told The Los Angeles Times. "Without broader efforts

to improve schools and increase jobs in the area, "South Los Angeles"

will eventually evoke the same connotation." Nevertheless, he voted for

the measure.

The area that housed Hip-Hop acts such as NWA,

Ice-T, Compton's Most Wanted and D.J. Quik has often drawn controversy for "gangsta

rap," riots, gang violence, drug infestation, and poverty.

"South-Central" served as the neutral

point for West Coast Hip-Hop during its renaissance years, and it still serves

as a mainstay for many up and coming local acts.

While most see this name change as purely cosmetic,

some hope this will be the beginning of a tireless effort to revitalize the