South Park Mexican Charged With Sexual Assault

Carlos "South Park

Mexican" Coy has been arrested on three counts of sexual assault

involving two 14 year old girls. Two of these accounts involve alleged assaults

that too place almost a decade ago. The third involves an assault last month,

while Coy was free on charges of aggravated assault of a child.

Coy, 31 founded the extremely successful independent label, Dope House Records.

His attorney, Chip Lewis said that all of the allegations were untrue and that

they would be able to prove their case in court. Coy said that he has never

seen the girl who accused him of assault last month.

"The girls were sexually assaulted by him,"

Denise Oncken, chief of the district attorney's Child Abuse Division told the

Houston Chronicle. In 1994, he assaulted one girl multiple times. In February,

to another girl, it happened once."

Coy has admitted in the past to having relationships

with younger women. He admitted to the Chronicle that he had relations with

a 13 year old in 1993 and fathered her son. "The case with the 9-year-old

(which allegedly occurred in September 2000) is something I know I can get past

and win," he said. "The case of (the) 13-year-old is not winnable

because he's definitely my son."

SPM recently released his 7th album, Never

Change which was distributed by Universal and is preparing to release an

unreleased album of freestyle's, titled Reveille Park. May 5 2002.