SpaceGhostPurrp Blames A$AP Mob For Ruining His Career

AllHipHop Staff

The Florida rapper claims A$AP Mob has it in for him.

(AllHipHop News) Florida rapper SpaceGhostPurrp has taken aim at the A$AP Mob, whom he claimed has sabotaged his career.

In a long, rambling post on Facebook, SpaceGhostPurrp claimed he tried to patch up his relationship with A$AP Rocky after the pair had a falling-out, which according to purp, was caused by disagreements over recording contracts.

Purrp claims the group plotted to ruin his career and eventually succeeded in breaking up his group The Raider Klan.

Check out the full post from SpaceGhostPurrp Facebook page:

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Nah twin you let ur demons convince you of that, plus you were wrong for Yams diss.

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am i the only one that didnt get any of that