Special Ed Not Signed To Dogghouse Records

Although The Source

Magazine reported it, Special Ed, the veteran

Brooklyn, New York rapper, won’t be an artist signed to Dogghouse Records, Snoop

Dogg’s label, Allhiphop.com has discovered.

"Before, we

did discuss some things [about him signing with Snoop], but time evolves and

everybody advances," he said. The rapper said that he would be working

on a forthcoming compilation album Snoop was working on.

"Snoop is

my homey. We just did a song together. Its called ‘Don't Make A Wrong Move’

and it'll be on his All-Stars Album coming out in August," he said.

He said that being

in the game since 1988 has cause him to assume a more business-like role and

has created SEMI Entertainment, which will release his comeback album, Still

Got It Made.

He would also drop

other albums from artists like Shillz and Forty on SEMI.

In 1989, Special

Ed’s first album, Youngest In Charge, yielded the smash “I

Got It Made.” He eventually dropped two other albums, Legal and

Revelations, which were also well received by critics.

After feeling his

deal with Profile Records was financially unfair, he refused to record with

the indie label, once home to Run DMC.

As a producer,

Ed has produced songs for Tupac, Biggie Smalls/Junior Mafia and Thirston Howl


Still Got It

Made is slated to drop in September of 2002 on SEMI Entertainment and distributed

by Universal/ J-Rock.