Spider Loc Talks New Mixtape, Delayed G-Unit Album

While fans wait for his debut album to officially hit stores, Spider Loc is making sure they don’t forget about him by releasing a new mixtape every month.

The G-Unit rapper admits that the barrage of material provides a way for him to appease fans as well as those in the music industry with quality music.

"At this point in my career, I just want to keep the same mentality. This s**t don’t stop," Spider Loc told AllHipHop.com. "The mixtape circuit, the internet, it is an outlet just to keep the fans with something fresh and new to keep biting on. Those that haven’t heard of it, I’m determined to give them something they can bite on."

For his forthcoming mixtape, Da 1 U Love 2 Hate, Spider Loc took his inspiration from a certain West Coast rap icon.

"That’s kind of like what the title was inspired from. I’m a pretty big Ice Cube fan," said Spider Loc. "I’m probably more consistent Ice Cube fan throughout his career than of anyone else."

Among those featured on Da 1 U Love 2 Hate are Begetz, Kartoon, S.P.I., Paybacc, Jessica James, J-LLove, Lil Boss and Turf Talk.

Despite feeling good about his new mixtape, Spider Loc knows there are those waiting for his G-Unit Records debut, World Wide Web, to hit stores.

The project has encountered numerous delays since news first broke of its release.

"It’s been done four or five times. It’s just the politics all up in the game," Spider Loc told AllHipHop.com. "You get caught up in the industry, a lot of things start happening that are out of your control."

Spider Loc revealed how excited G-Unit leader 50 Cent was after listening to songs from the album in the summer of 2006.

"From that point on, I thought that there would a situation created to where we would be actively trying to put the album out," Spider Loc said. "For whatever reasons, that didn’t quite manifest. I haven’t gotten any direct communication as to why not."

While the setbacks can be frustrating at times, Spider Loc remains optimistic that his debut will be released.

"When Moses got to the Red Sea, it looked like it was the end, but God was just setting the stage for him to be able to do something amazing," the rapper said of his label woes. "So I just have faith in Him that the amazing shall manifest."

Outside of music, Spider Loc is continuing to pursue opportunities in the acting world. The rapper recently finished work on a movie starring video model/actress Vida Guerra.

The film, which the rapper described as a "murder drama suspense feature," centers around Guerra, who plays a woman who runs a rims shop in LA.

Spider Loc portrays a newly released prisoner who ends up working for her.

The rapper is also currently shooting a pilot for a TV show that has garnered interest from HBO and Showtime.

According to the rapper, the crime drama centers on a group of friends who move their trafficking operation to Arizona.

"We pay some real nerds to go get some fake IDs and go check in college for us," Spider Loc said. "Our parents think we in college and we’re going there taking our courses, but we really out here gettin’ this money on a whole nother level. So that’s the basis of the show."