Spider Loc Video Shoot Interrupted By Gunfire, Caught On Tape

Gunfire interrupted

a recent video shoot for G-Unit member Spider Loc's single "Blutiful"

in Compton, CA.The

video, which was directed by LaMarck Films, shows what starts off to be an otherwise

normal shoot, with a director instructing the men to "get into it and give

a lot of energy.."Over

50 people were on the set when at least 12-rounds of gunfire, some of different

caliber, sent the men, women and children, diving for safety.In

one dramatic instant, one woman can be heard screaming "where's my baby?"

as another woman runs by the camera with a young girl in tow yelling "I got

her." The

blasts of the gunfire was so loud it sent car alarms off. Just when some of those

who ducked for cover thought it was safe to stand, more gunfire erupted. "Fall

on the ground, fall on the ground!" another man yells as the gunfire continued.


incident was caught on tape with a behind the scenes camera and released on the

Internet last night (Apr. 18).According

to witnesses, no one was hurt in the exchange of gunfire.