Spiderman and Batman Battle on the Vid Screen!

In terms of mass media popularity, Batman and Spider-man (with apologies to Superman) have taken their icon status of the 20th century and truly forged ahead in the new millennium to take advantage of modern culture. Each is known for operating in the gritty metropolitan landscape, with Batman holding court in mythical Gotham while Spider-man swings from skyscraper to skyscraper in New York City.After years of red tape and legal proceedings, Spider-man finally hit the big screen with amazing success breaking records and reintroducing the masses to hard luck Peter Parker. Spider-man had enjoyed numerous versions of cartoons, and a 70s live action show, but had limited movie movement until then.On the flip side, Batman has always enjoyed success coming up on 70 years through radio serials, the campy t.v. show of the 60's, numerous incarnations as a cartoon, and a slew of major motion pictures beginning with 1989's "Batman." Until the recent reboot however, Batman had fallen on hard times in the box office.Now that both are paying huge dividends on the big screen, these two icons will be doing battle on yoru computers and video game consoles. Here are some shots from Spidermans upcoming joint Web Of Shadows (Activision on PlayStation 2, PC, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS):Spider-man surveying the city from the rooftopSpidey getting hemmed up by VenomWolverine riding shotgun during the symbiote invasionWhat happens to you when the symbiotes take over. Nasty StuffNot to be outdone, the caped crusader has a joint coming out called Batman: Arkham Asylum (Available On:Xbox 360, PC), named after the not-so-secure insane asylum that they send all of Batman's criminals...yet they always end up out on the streets in a couple months. EnjoyWarm and sunny Arkham AsylumKiller Croc led in under tight security. Not a very happy camper.It ain't a Batman game without the Joker. R.I.P Heath LedgerBatman about to run up onsome punk

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