Spike Lee Calls Chance The Rapper “A Straight Up Fraud”

Spike Lee and Chance The Rapper have been feuding since the famed movie maker crafted “ChiRaq” and Chance objected.

(AllHipHop News) Lee went on to diss Chance at Northwestern University yesterday stating “Chance the Rapper is a fraud, a straight up fraud” during the Q&A portion of the speaking engagement.

“Chance the Rapper’s a fraud. Straight-up fraud,” Lee said. “He puts himself up as a speaker of the people, but that means you have to put truths that you see. That doesn’t mean you can pick and choose what you talk about.”

The director also called out Chance’s father Ken Bennett, a Chicago governmental worker that was an aide to Senator Obama. Bennett now works with often-criticized Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Some students rushed to Chance’s defense, according to reports, and countered that Chance has extensive work in the community.

Lee left Northwestern University with a standing ovation from the audience.

Apparently Chance The Rapper and Spike Lee have a relationship that goes all the way back to when the rapper was a baby.

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