"Squatter" Claims Timbaland Is Trying To Sell Mansion Behind His Back

AllHipHop Staff

The guy refusing to leave Timbaland's mansion just may have a case.

"(AllHipHop News) A man Timbaland labeled a squatter is firing back at the producer, as a battle looms over Tim's Miami mansion.

Tim filed a lawsuit against William Zamora, whom he claims has been staying in his Miami mansion illegally.

The two men almost entered an agreement for Zamora to purchase the $3 million dollar home, but the deal fell through.

Timbaland claims William Zamora is supposed to be paying him $30,000 a month in rent, but instead, is staying in the house unauthorized and refuses to pay, or leave. In his countersuit, William Zamora noted that Timbaland had two outstanding liens against the house, which prevented a deal from going through.

To make matters worse, Timbaland is aware that William Zamora had made over $300,000 worth of repairs to the mansion.

According to William Zamora, Timbaland is trying to get over by selling the upgraded mansion behind his back.

William Zamora is seeking to have Timbaland's lawsuit tossed, and he also wants the producer to pay his legal fees.