St. Louis Rapper Huey Aims For Success With 'Redemption'

(AllHipHop News) St. Louis, Missouri rapper Huey has announced he has split from Jive Records and is planning a new single and album, in hopes of recreating the success he experienced with this hit single “Pop Lock and Drop It.”This September, Huey will release Redemption on Que Records/OMG Media/EMI. The release will be the follow-up to his 2007 debut, titled Notebook Paper. The first single from the album is titled “Smile and Wave,” featuring Dallas, Texas native Dorrough. According to Huey, the subject matter on Redemption is much more versatile than the topics on his previous release, Notebook Paper."It's like whatever the beat tells me to do – it could be relaxed on a cool level to where I'm explaining my feelings for a female. It could be me explaining my feelings for money. It could be dancing in the club, crunk in the club. It's a bunch of everything that's going to be on this album," Huey told to Huey, his album will prove that all St. Louis rappers are not “commercial artists.”"Right now we're just looked at as a commercial place and it's not that. We're not just commercial,” Huey continued. “It's gutter in St. Louis and me as a young person, it probably would be hard to believe. That's why you gotta straight give it to ‘em. It's a new St. Louis and that's what I'm about to show err'body." Huey’s Redemption is due in stores on September 14th. The track listing is below:1.) Redemption2.) Hello 2 All My Haters3.) Smile & Wave f/Dorrough4.) I Go Crazy f/Colby O’ Donis5.) Rain6.) High f/JR7.) Famous f/Mack8.) U9.) Section10.) So Good (Get It Girl)11.) Why So Serious12.) Retarded