Stabbing At Busta Rhymes Release Party


Elektra Entertainment Street Team

member was stabbed last night outside of the Busta Rhymes release

party last night in Manhattan yesterday (June 21). According to

sources who witnessed the melee, there was an alleged altercation

between an unidentified Elektra Street team representative and

a rival record label street team member outside of Club Exit in

Manhattan. While the Elektra Street rep was injured, the party

did not come to a halt as Busta performed later that evening for

the invite-only crowd. The party continued well into the night

as the performance was webcast through and

Busta Rhymes came on stage with only a robe and underwear on.

He then changed onstage into an all white outfit which matched

hype-man Spliff Star. Female Flipmodian Rah Digga also performed.

Around 1 am, another fight occurred outside and authorities forced

the club to shut down the party prematurely Representatives for

Elektra were unavailable for comment at the time of this report.