‘Stanky Leg’ Creators GS Boys Break Up; Group Members Speak

The GS Boyz, creators of the hit single ‘Stanky Leg,’ have dropped three members and the pair, Prince and Soufside, are releasing new material.

(AllHipHop News) They are currently working on new material and recently shot a video for the song "Any Way" ft Ebony Blaque.

While it is unclear if the can still legally use the name GS Boyz, the remaining group members did have some comments about the former member's work ethic, or alleged lack there of.

"Formerly the GS Boys", Soufside told AllHipHop.com. It was because the other three, they didn't want to grind any more.

"We just had different visions", added group member Prince. My bro a star and we all stars, but I guess it was more hate basically, and I ain’t the type of dude to hate on somebody. I just decided we just got to do what we got to do. Either you gonna rock with us or your not.

While the ‘Stanky Leg’ was a nationwide fad last year and was one of the most popular songs that has come out of the boogie movement in Dallas, the track earned The GS Boys a gold record.

The group, which was signed to Yung Joc’s Swagg Team label, also followed up with the minor hit, "Booty Dew".

According to the remaining group members, their newest song is more geared towards females and the streets.

‘Stanky Leg’ was one of our songs that just blew, Prince told AllHipHop.com. So the Lord is giving us a chance to do something again and now we got something for the listeners.